Houseplant Rituals To Celebrate Spring

We are absolutely delighted that Spring is finally here. With the change in the new season and warmer temperatures set to hit South Africa soon, here are some useful tips to help wake your plants up from their winter sleep and bring upon new growth.

Picture by Teona Swift


If you have any houseplants that are due for a bigger pot and possibly root bound, now is the time to check and if needed, repot that baby.

You want to make sure that you aren't repotting your current plant into a new pot that's too much bigger. We suggest going for a pot that's only about 2-5cm bigger. Anything bigger is an open invitation to root rot.

Potting soil is the best choice for repotting plants. Potting soil, rather than gardening soil, contains the nutrients to revive a plant. It also contains a mixture of ingredients like peat moss and pine bark to retain moisture and perlite to allow for easier drainage.


If there are any leaves that are struggling or going yellow, cut them off. A haircut for your plants encourages new growth. Any dead leaves should be removed as these can encourage unwanted pests settling in. Cut the dead leaves at the base of the plant. Pruning your plant pet will divert the plant'e energy into producing new stems for a fuller and healthier plant.


It's the time of the year where your plants are starting to push out new growth. The nutrients in the soil needs to be replenished so using a fertilizer that's right for your plants is key. Read up on your plant and find out what type of fertilizer is best and how often it likes to be fed. Be careful not to over feed your plant as too much fertilizer can burn the roots. We suggest Tru-Grower Foliage Feed which comes in a Tru-Grower 200ml bottle or Tru-Grower 1 litre bottle. We also have a combo pack of a Tru-Grower 200ml Foliage Feed + Spray Bottle.


While we are loving the warm heat slowly creeping back with Spring setting in, don't forget that this means your plants will be needing more water too. Watch out for those really hot days moving into summer where you'll need to be extra vigilant with checking the soil. If you have a humidifier, your plants will love the humidity. A spray bottle to mist your plants daily will also work well. The misting is not a replacement for watering, you will still need to water. If you encounter any light rain, put your plants outside for a shower. They will love the natural, chlorine free water so grab a bucket and capture some rain water for future waterings.


Spraying plant leaves down with water removes dust and dirt, and it can rinse away insect pests and fungal spores. It's a good time to check the underneath of your plants leaves and around the base of the plant for any bugs that might have settled in during the winter. If you do find any unwanted guests, using a natural remedy like Neem Oil is great. Another great benefit of dusting off the leaves is allowing all this glorious sunshine to help photosynthesise those leaves.

Photo by Sarah Chai

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