The Beginners Guide To Indoor Houseplants...

If you don't own a single plant but want to start your journey of creating that urban jungle paradise, we're talking to you.

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Firstly, let us just say that this is going to be one of the most rewarding journey's you'll go on. It's a gift to yourself that just keeps on giving. Besides for that, plants literally make your happier and the spaces they fill healthier. There is no reason not to start a houseplant family of your own.

When choosing your first indoor houseplants, you'll want to start with plants that are easy to look after. Some plants can be a tad dramatic when it comes to watering them, what place they prefer to be in and how much humidity they like on a daily basis. You don't want to kill your self belief of owning your dreamy indoor jungle by killing the first houseplants you get. Ha. Remembering to water the new plants in your life can be a new adjustment and something that will take time to master. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again, and again, and again...

We want to share some advice with you to help you get started with any new fronds you're thinking of bringing home if this is your first time.

Choosing the right plants for the right space can depend on a few things. Take note of the amount of light in that area and what the light does during the day. Some plants need brighter light to grow or direct sunlight, while other plants might burn if they receive too much direct light. Yes, plants can burn too and you'll land up with dark brown burns on the leaves. Other plants prefer shade or lower light spaces. If you have a room that doesn't get so much light but you want plants in that space, go for plants that will survive in lower light conditions. We have a filter in our plants section which filters plants based on what light your space has to make it easier for you to select plants based on the space you have in mind.

When choosing plants for any space, consider the amount of space you have available to you and how the plants you choose will grow into that space. Some plants like to climb while others will grow wider as they grow older. Research how big a plant gets and how it likes to grow to ensure you have the best plants for your space. A plant that grows too big for any space may end up getting damaged by being in the way. There are so many creative ways to use plants all up, down and along of every wall of your home/office.

Watering your plants may take some time with getting into a habit. Choosing plants that can withstand a week or two of forgetfulness in the beginning of your new journey will make this challenge a little easier. Along with that, you might be wondering how much to water and how often. A good rule of thumb we've always gone with is feeling the top 2cm - 5cm of soil depending on how big the pot is. Generally speaking, if the top 2cm - 5cm of soil is dry, it's time for another water. It may vary for different rooms but in summer, you'll need to water most plants once a week if not more. In winter, you'll only need to water every two weeks. This will vary for each room depending on how hot/cold the room is and how much light the room gets. This is why feeling the soil before watering is always a great indication.

The size of the pot you have planted your plants in will also determine how often you need to water your plants. Now, for those of you who are thinking that this is a short cut to watering less, this won't work. Your new plant fronds need love and attention just like your human friends. Taking a constant interest in your plants is a requirement when it comes to new plants.

Choosing the right pot for your plant is also important. Watch out for pots with or without a hole in the bottom. This is for excess water to drain out of when watering. If you're going to choose a pot without any drainage holes, you'll need to be extra careful when watering to ensure your plants roots don't sit in water. This can lead to things like root rot and your plant will end up dying a slow death. It's recommended to choose pots with drainage holes and get saucers in case you're a little heavy handed with watering your plants in the beginning. Terracotta pots are usually better than plastic pots as terracottas porous nature allows for air and water to move through the walls, preventing soil disease and root rot.

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If you want your plants to grow quickly and bigger than any plants you've dreamed up then fertilising is something you'll need to do during spring and summer only. During the winter months, most plants will go into a dormant growing phase which means they won't need any plant food. We recommend not giving plants any fertilizer until they are established. If you have any small plants, giving them fertilizer too young can cause a burst of growth that makes the plant weak and leggy. All of the plants purchased online through Green Piece are well established plants.

Watch out for bugs. Anything that doesn't look like it's meant to be growing on your plants is most probably not supposed to be there and is likely a bug. These things are easy to fix if you catch them early. Inspecting your plants weekly when you water them is a good way to find any critters that have found a place of residence amongst your new plants.

To help get you started with your plant journey, we've put together two kick starter plant packages for the beginner plant enthusiasts. All of our plants come with individual care card instructions to make sure you have a fool proof plan in getting started.

Urban Jungle 'Newbie' Package (Small Plants)


Sanseveria Hahni White/Moon Shine Snake Plant

Philodendron Selloum

Birds Nest Fern

Tradescantia Multiflora Hanging Basket

5 small/medium plants to start your collection for R550

Plant Paradise Starter Package (Big Plants)

Heart Leaf Philodendron on Pole

Strelitzia Reginea

Tree Fern/ Cyathea Robusta

Philodendron Selloum 5 litre

4 big plants to start your collection for R999

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