Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Thriving This Winter

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We love our indoor plants so much, they could basically be considered family. We'd hate for anything to happen to them during the winter months. If your houseplants aren't looking so good or are dropping leaves, we've got five things you can do this winter to keep your plants thriving.

Water Your Plants Less

You don't need to water your plants as much as you did during summer. With the cooler temperatures we are experiencing at the moment, your houseplants will need less water than usual. If they are in pots, the best thing to do is feel the top 3cm of soil, if it's still wet, they don't need to be watered again.

Maintain Humidity

If you're like us at Green Piece HQ, the heaters are always on and the temperature inside is nice and cozy just like it should be during winter. This also means that the humidity inside will be lower than usual. If you have a humidifier, your plants will appreciate the extra help in keeping them nice and healthy. If you don't have a humidifier, then using a pebble tray under your plants pots to help increase humidity. Make sure you change the water regularly.

Dust Your Leaves

Dusting the leaves off year round is important but during these winter months, you want it to be as easy as possible for your plants to absorb as much sunlight as they can. Get a wet cloth and clean off any dust that may have settled on the leaves.

Move Your Plants Closer To Windows

Without having to add artificial lighting, because who actually does that?! Move your plants closer to the windows to help them absorb as much sunlight as possible. Watch out for drafts or too much heat.

Don't Feed Your Plants During Winter

As your houseplants go into a dormant growing stage this winter, stop giving them any plant food you may have been giving them during the summer months. You can start again in Spring. Gosh, we can't wait for Spring.

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