Syngonium 'Pixie' – Butterfly Plant, Goosefoot Plant or Arrow head plant is a fast growing Syngonium with white centers on green leaves.


These plants do well in low-to-medium light settings and thrive in bright, indirect light. They do not like exposure to direct sunlight.


The soil needs to be evenly moist when you water, waiting for the soil to dry a little before evenly watering again. Syngoniums love a good mist because very dry air can cause brown leaf crisping.


These plants can be toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. 


 Syngoniums absorb pollutants into their leaves, and the toxins go to the root zone where they are transformed into nutrients for the plant.

Arrowhead / Syngonium Pixie

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  • A single Arrow Head in a 12cm plastic nursery pot.