The Asparagus Plumosus is a delicate fern foliage plant and is one of the fastest-growing and least demanding houseplants.  Asparagus ferns are not ferns at all, they belong to the asparagus family.  


They like bright indirect light, but no direct sun light. Direct sunlight will result in the leaves browning. 


Water as often as necessary to keep the soil moist, but never allow the pot to stand in water. During the rest period give the plants only enough water to keep the potting mixture from drying out. If the soil dries out completely at any time, loss of leaves is the result.


If you're repotting Asparagus Plumosus, use a soil based potting mixture. Move the plant every spring into pots one size bigger until they are in the largest convenient pot size. After this size has been reached, top-dress annually with fresh potting mixture. Keep the level of the potting mixture well bellow the rim of the pot because the thick asparagus roots tend to force the mixture upward.


This plant can be toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. Don’t eat the berries, which can irritate the intestines.


The plant’s ample greenery scrubs toxins right out of the air and the elegant spikes will perk up any room.



Asparagus Plumosus

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  • A single Asparagus Plumosus in a 12cm plastic nursery pot.