Avoid watering the center of the plant (the rosette) because it acts as a cradle and can cause the plant to rot.


Test the moisture level by sticking a finger an inch into the soil. Give the plant plenty of humidity by occasionally misting the fronds with a water bottle.


Some direct sunlight is great for the Bird's nest fern to grow well, but you need to only provide some morning or a small amount of pre-sunset. The fronds can become pale or have scorch marks on them if the sun is too hot. During the winter the sun is much less harmful to the plant.


Bird's nest ferns are non-poisonous plants. They are safe for humans, dogs, and cats. They are also great air purifying plants.

Bird's Nest Fern / Asplenium Nidus

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  • A Single Bird's Nest Fern in 15cm plastic pot.