xSpray “buddi” to the underside of the leaves & stems of your plants shortly before your lighting cycle goes off (do not spray onto the light/ bulb). For outdoor plants; apply “buddi” in the early evenings.


Consistent management is essential to prevent their return or manage their lifecycle.Resolve your Spidermite problem during plant vegetation. Spidermites reproduce in thous&s every few days.


Regularly check the underside of your plants’ leaves with a microscope for tiny eggs, or notice white spots on the leaves. Visible silk threads are also signs of infestation; a large silk web covering your plant is severe & may result in plant death & crop loss.


A specially formulated & tested mixture of vegan soaps & organic aromatherapy oils which effectively control & rid your plants of destructive pest infestations. 


Made from 100% naturally organic, non-toxic ingredients. “buddi sprays” are made up of age-old solutions to combat plant pests. 


Essential aromatherapy oils are a complex mixture of volatile compounds extracted from aromatic plants, composed of terpenes biogenerated by the isoprenoid pathway. These oils’ chemical compounds assist in the plants’ biotic and abiotic defences offering biological activities which are antioxidant, antibacterial and anti inflammatory. 


The oils’ compounds are synthesised by the plants with no harmful effects to them, even in the case of cannabis which is a sensitive soft stemmed plant with our dilution of 96% ensuring no damage is done. (Follow correct application instructions). Essential aromatherapy oils ward off and kill soft bodied pests upon contact. Some bugs, such as ladybugs are beneficial to the plant or soil bacterial, promoting plant growth, so be sure not to kill those.


It is important to note that the strong scent of the essential aromatherapy oils can affect the bud aroma profile, and it is always encouraged to keep an eye on your plants to spot any unwanted pests and resolve their multiplication before the flowering cycle; i.e. during the plant vegetation cycle.


Always ensure to practise proper cultivation & environmental controls with ideal humidity levels, fresh airflow, ideal growing temperatures and controlled watering within a sterile environment. Treat your room in-between grows to ensure no pests carry into future grows. “buddi” sprays is a preventative and control measure, which functions optimally at the application of early onset of bugs and fungal infestations.

Buddi Spray - Spidermites

  • A single 200ml Buddi Spray for Spidermites