Bright indirect light is best. The combination of good soil moisture and a well-lit location will provide the best results for your plant.

Sunny locations should be avoided at all costs; prolonged exposure to the sun or dry soil will result in pale leaves, stunted growth and crisping foliage. Remember, if it's too hot for a chocolate bar, it'll be too hot for the plant, too!


Callisia love moist soil. Once the pot begins to feel light when lifted, it's time for another water. Although pouring water directly through the foliage is acceptable if situated in a bright location, irrigate using the bottom-up method to be extra cautious. Place the pot on a saucer of water (20% submerged) until thorough absorption to provide deep hydration. Wetting the foliage every time you come to hydrate the plant will allow excess moisture to settle, causing the leaves to yellow and rot away. Under-watering symptoms include crispy/curling leaves, a grey, washed-out appearance, yellowing leaves and a lack of new growth.


This plant is classified as toxic. If large quantities of the plant are eaten, vomiting, nausea and a loss of appetite may occur, especially with dogs.

Callisia Turtle

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  • A single Callisia Turtle in a 16cm plastic hanging basket.