Asplenium antiquum is a fern of the group known as bird's-nest ferns. The fern is native to temperate East Asia, in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan on cliffs, dark forests, and tree trunks. Attractive and compact, the Crested Japanese Birdsnest Fern ‘Leslie’ has unusual ruffles at the terminal end of each leaf and this beautiful plant pet has a full, dense growth habit.


It requires high humidity and bright indirect light. Keep the soil humid but not soaking wet.


This plant is pet friendly and is an air purifier. 

Bird's nest ferns are non-poisonous plants. They are safe for humans, dogs, and cats. They are also great natural air purifiers.

Crested Japanese Bird's Nest / Asplenium Antiquum

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  • A single Japanese Bird's Nest Fern / Asplenium Antiquum in a 19cm plastic pot. As plants are from nature and no two plants are the same, your plant may vary from the image.