Noted for its terrific tri-color foliage, Pelargonium 'Mrs Pollock' (Zonal Geranium) is a bushy, evergreen, tender perennial with large leaves adorned with green centers, gold edges and brilliant dark red splashes. 


Performs best in full sun or part shade, in fertile, well-drained soils. Water regularly during growing season. Drought tolerant, once established. Can be planted inside or outside and is an ideal plant for baskets as well. 


Pelargoniums are not thirsty plants so water moderately from spring to summer, taking care that the compost doesn't become too wet. Open windows or vents in a conservatory or greenhouse in summer to be sure of good air flow. Water only sparingly in winter, so that the compost has time to dry between waterings.


This plant can be toxic for cats and dogs if eaten. 

Pelargonium 'Mrs Pollock / Occold Shield

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  • A single Pelargonium Mrs Pollock in a 15cm plastic nursery pot.