Hypoestes is a flowering plant genus with many dozens of species. They are widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical lands around the Indian Ocean, and some adjacent regions.


The Polka Dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is well known as a novelty indoor plant, but it has also emerged as a striking outdoor bedding plant that can be used to brighten borders or containers in those difficult shaded areas. The polka dots that give this colourful plant its name and spatter its foliage like a work of modern art come primarily in pink.


Hypoestes grow best indoors with bright, indirect light. This plant will show more pronounced colour in partial shade than full sun. Fortunately, this vivid beauty has few pest problems.


This plant is a versatile, small balcony plant well suited to ½ sun positions. Polka dot plants are colourful, delicate indoor plants, grown for their decorative foliage. The polka dot plant is an ideal ‘filler’ plant and is particularly useful in mixed plantings and for terrariums. 


The more sun, the more water is required. Polka dot plants have thin leaves and it’s important not to let the plant dry out as the leaves will wilt and ultimately the leaf tips will curl. Keep the soil moist at all times and be particularly attentive when on sunny windowsills. Reduce watering during the winter months and fertilise monthly with a liquid fertiliser to promote and enhance continued growth.


It would be wise to pinch off these flowers to encourage foliar growth; regular pruning of over shoot growth will also help keep the plant compact and full, and will bring out the coloration on the leaves.


This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs and is a fantastic air cleaning and purifier. 

Hypoetes/Nerve Plant - Pink

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  • A single Hypoestes/Nerve Plant in a 10cm plastic nursery pot.