• SMART irrigation, with weather responsive solar powered weather detectors that deliver the precise amount of water needed
  • The system is easy to install, runs with minimal supervision and waters automatically as needed
  • Perfect for small to medium gardens and can be used for pots, raised beds, hanging baskets and greenhouses
  • Uses a maximum of 200 litres a week by only watering a little but often, saving you up to 90% water
  • No more hose pipes or trips back and forth with heavy watering cans

The IRRIGATIA smart irrigation controllers change the amount of water it provides according to the seasons and weather, only providing enough water that the plant needs. The more sun it detects, the more it waters to save your plants from drought while you're away on holiday. No more mains needed, no more taps needed and no more timers needed. The systems work off your Rainwater Storage Tanks.

The SOL-C24 can water up to 24 x 20L pots or 24 x tomato plants or 48 x pepper plants or 48 x strawberry plants or 24m row vegetable or flower beds.

IRRIGATIA SOL-C24 Performance range:

  • Min drippers: x 12
  • Max drippers: x 24
  • Max height from water source: x 5m
  • Max distance from a water source to SMART Controller: 20m
  • Max distance from a water source to the last dripper: 60m

What you get:

  • 1 x SMART Controller C24 with integrated pump
  • 1 x Inlet filter
  • 1 x Anti-siphon device
  • 15m tube
  • 12 x Drippers, stakes, tees
  • 1 x Water Level Sensor
  • 3 x AA batteries 


  • You will need another 12 drippers
  • or an extension seep hose kit
  • or extension Microporous hose kit

IRRIGATIA C24 Solar Watering System

R3 399,00Price