Soleirolia soleirolii, more commonly known as ‘Peace in the Home’ is a gorgeous, bright green house plant to add to your collection and hopefully bring peaceful energy into your space. 


Peace in the Home like all indoor plants, has been proven to reduce stress, ease eye irritations, headaches and fatigue – indoor plants even contribute to improved concentration and less absenteeism in offices.


It could be planted as ground cover in a shady spot outside. If grown indoors, you can plant in full sun to partial sun. 


This plant can be temperamental and may require repositioning a few times. They tend to do well in kitchens and bathrooms. 


They make an fabulous ‘Thank You’ gift – offering a quirky and meaningful gift of appreciation that lasts for months.


This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. 

Peace in the Home Bowl

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  • A single Peace in the Home plant in a round 20cm plastic nursery pot.