Also known as the Philodendron Silver Leaf or Philodendron Hastatum, this gorgeous plant will make a fantastic edition to any collection. 


The long arrow/sword leaf shaped leaves grow between 45cm - 60cm and make a great statement plant in any room.


Best-grown in bright, indirect light, although it can tolerate lower light levels as well. Bright light will burn the leaves. 


This plant likes to climb which is why we've put a moss pole in the middle for it climb. 


This plant likes to be moist but not wet. Water deeply and then wait until the top 2cm of soil has dried out. This is a drought resistant plant if you're forgetful to water as often as needed. 


This plant can be toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. 


This is a great air purifiying plant and removes toxins from the air. 



Philodendron Silver Sword on Pole

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  • A single Philodendron Silver Sword in a 20cm plastic nursery pot.