ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are a revolution in this field. They are a clean, effective, easy alternative to traditional methods of propagation. A breakthrough in technology using plant derived biodegradable polymers bonding together a mixture of peat and bark to form a strong, pliable ready to use propagation plug. The structure of the ROOT!T sponge allows for the ideal amount of water and air to surround the seed or seedling creating the perfect micro environment. The ROOT!T sponge is also inoculated with micronutrients and beneficial bacteria to help the seedlings get the best start once it has germinated.


The ROOT!T sponge holds together when it is being handled as it’s made of a biodegradable polymer, meaning that there is no mess or breakage. Each sponge has a dual hole which can support either a seed or a cutting. The first part of the hole is shorter and wider to support and protect a seed, creating a warm humid microclimate around it, speeding up germination times. The centre of the hole goes deeper into the plug and is much narrower which supports a cutting and helps to stimulate quicker root development.

ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges (x 50)