Senecio Angel Wings, also referred to as the Candicans Senecio, is a tender perennial with stunning silvery-white foliage. This plant belongs to the Asteraceae family and originated from South America.


Senecio Angel Wing is easy to maintain, is tolerant of coastal conditions, and is drought resistant.


Flowering and Fragrance

The Angel Wings Senecio plant is mostly grown as a foliage plant but produces inflorescence of yellow flowers during the summer season.



The Senaw loves to be in the full sunlight but also likes being placed in a brightly lit shade.  Ensure this plant is placed under a sunny, cool spot in a well-draining mixture.


Soil & Transplanting

This plant is not too particular about the pH level of soil and grows well in a mixture with a neutral range. It prefers a sandy, well-drained soil, but also likes chalk and loam mixture.


Grooming and Maintenance

The taller varieties of Senecio typically start getting floppy. 

During early spring, prune the plant back till a firm stem is reached.

The new plants need more watering, but when the plant becomes stable, it looks after itself. 


When growing in winter rainfall areas, make sure to plant it in containers and provide protection throughout the cold season.

Senaw is a hardy plant but dislikes wet, cold soils.  Offer it protection with mulch or cloche if the soil tends to sit wet during winters.


This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. 

Senecio Angel Wings

  • A single Senecio Angel Wings in 16cm plastic nursery pot.

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