Your Silver Lace Fern will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight–it will scorch the leaves. Maintaining the correct soil moisture is key to keeping your Silver Lace Fern happy and healthy. 


Pteris ferns are not overly demanding when it comes to water, although like most ferns they do require ample humidity. For best results, mist your winter plants daily.


Any good, fast-draining potting soil will likely do. Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season.


The Silver Lace Fern is non-toxic to cats and dogs and is a great air purifier. 

Silver Lace Fern / Pteris Straminea

  • A single Silver Leaf Fern in a 15cm plastic pot. As plants are from nature and no two plants are the same, your plant may vary from the image.