Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' is the largest of the spathiphyllums, with this one bearing large glossy dark green leaves that grow in a layered manner and are distinctly ribbed. It is this lush foliage which makes it a great indoor plant. They can grow as tall as 1.8m tall. 


Sensation enjoys warm conditions and 'bright shade' meaning bright conditions without direct sunlight. Having sufficient light is essential to preventing diseases in Spathiphyllum. Re-pot every 2-3 years and use a damp cloth to clean foliage. Water in well when first planted.


Peace lily isn't technically poisonous to cats and dogs, but it contains a compound that can be extremely bothersome to pets, children and even adults if consumed.


This is a great air purifying plant. 

Spathiphyllum Sensation

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  • A single Spathiphyllum Sensation (No Flowers) in a 16.5cm plastic nursery pot.