The Tradescantia Multiflora is a cascading plant, with dense, deep green foliage, with purple on undersides, sprinkled with tiny white flowers. They are also known by other names: spider-lily, cradle-lily, oyster-plant and flowering inch plant. The stems trail to about 60cm or more.


This plant needs bright, indirect light. 


Water frequently in spring and summer so that the soil is always moist but never waterlogged. In autumn, water less while waiting for the substrate surface to dry.


Fertilize the Tradescantia Multiflora plant utilizing mineral fertilizer in spring and summer, every 2 weeks.


According to the ASPCA, the Tradescantia Multiflora are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Tradescantia Multiflora

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  • A single Tradescantia Multiflora in a 16cm plastic hanging nursery pot.